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Y82 series of vertical hydraulic balers

Y82 series of horizontal auto-belting balers

Used to bale such loose articles as the waste paper (carton, newspaper),  waste plastics (PET bottle, plastic film and turnover box) and straw.


①PLC control combined with window monitoring of the human-computer interface (touch screen), synchronous action instruction chart combined with the error warning, the bale length available for adjustment.
② Floating convergent mouth design in three directions (left, right and upward), beneficial to automatic pressure distribution in four sides, widely used for baling different materials.
③Automatic belting, speeding up baling.
④Push cylinder and head connected by the sphere structure with good reliability and long working life of oil seal.
⑤Decentralized shears equipped at the feeding inlet with high shearing efficiency.
⑥Low-noise hydraulic circuit design with high efficiency and low trouble frequency.
⑦Simple installation without base.

Technical Specifications:

No.ModelBale sectionHopper sizePower Remarks
1 Y82-50A 720×720mm 900×720mm 22+3kW Feed scrap through air flue
2 Y82-63B 720×1100mm 1600×720mm 30+5.5kW Width of belt:1.4m
3 Y82-80B 800×1100mm 1600×800mm 37+7.5kW
4 Y82-100B 1000×1100mm 1600×1000mm 30×2+7.5kW
5 Y82-125A 1100×1100mm 2200×1100mm 30×2+7.5kWWidth of belt:1.6m
Y82-125B 1100×1250mm 2200×1100mm
6 Y82-150A 1120×1300mm 2200×1120mm 30×2+7.5kW

1.Power can be adjusted according to the actual production requirement.
2.Customer can choose scaly type conveyor,chain type conveyor or belt conveyor.

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